You can see the detail about Hotaru-kannshoukai(concert with fireflies) from the Facebook page of Mori-no-terrace.

お天気が良いことを祈りつつ。I hope we'll have sunny weekend...

I was overwhelmed by the gentle words from people around me yesterday for my birthday. I really appreciated from bottom of my heart. Each word is precious treasure for me. I just feel grateful to be here with those sweet friends and of course my loving family. Thanks a lot!


森のテラスのピアノ日記/ movie diary of Mori-no -terrace solo piano

もうすぐ夏だなあ、と思った時、浮かんだのが海を跳ねるイルカ、だったのでHerbie Hankock さんのDolphine Dance。いい曲。イルカ大好きな私は御蔵島にずっと行きたい、と思いつつ早何年。。。いつか行く。
2019/6/20 at Mori-no-terrace


concert info.

I was touched when I was told " oh, your piano brow out this rainy season!"from the audience who came to listen my solo piano. Thank you so much for coming! By the way, I shot the video little bit, so I'll upload it soon.

Usually, I make the snacks for my solo piano at Mori-no-terrace. This time, I made a green tea cookie with whole wheat. Children include my daughter loved them, but mu personal opinion, it was little bit too strong to mix green tea and whole wheat. Next time, it will be 4th July, I'll try rice powder. Please come to try:)

さて7月のお知らせをふたつ。Here's information of 2 coming concerts.

I'll play piano for the night to watch the fireflies at the Mori-no-terrace in Akita. I've been there to watch fireflies when I was pregnant. So beautiful place!! Please come to feel the nature of Japan. You can enjoy the stars as well as lights of fireflies.

My friend for more than 20 years, and WONDERFUl voice, Ms Reiko Yuge will sing in church in Kamakura, Kanazawa. I'm very excited to play with her again. Her voice is so special, always go straight to my hearts from hers.


solo piano

I will play at Mori-no-terrace in Sengawa, Chofu on this Thursday, 20th June. I asked the staff at the terrace to shoot the video to introduce the event last month. It's very right time to visit Mori-no-terrace in June, because the colors of the leaves are very vivid and trees cool down the temperature, so it's very comfortable to stay in the room without any air conditioner. One coin with tea and snacks. Please join us.