日記/ diary

最近の日記です。My days at last week.

Lately, I'm studying about guitar bit by bit to write composition for guitar, and I found myself with poor knowledge of the guitar though I played with guitar many times. now I'm more curious about where the magic of the guitar sound comes from than before.

I went to listen a wonderful vocalist, Maki Hachiya trio, with Mr. Kazuhide Motooka on piano and Mr. Tadashi Shigami at Iidabashi "Rug Time" in Tokyo at last week. It was very touched. They played jazz standard tunes, especially a song of Mr. Ellington. The sound came into the deep place of my heart.....I joined the band for a song called "I'm lucky so and so" by Duke Ellington and it changed something inside of me.

-初、関内。at kannai, Kanagawa
ドラムの原田俊太郎さんのバンドで関内の"Bar Bar Bar"で演奏しました。演奏前にオーナーと原田さんのダンスホールやその周りにあったsessionが夜な夜な繰り広げられる情景の会話を聞いていて、まるで日本のjazz史を聞くがごとくでとても興味深かったです。この日はたまたま、関内のお祭りで御神輿がでていて、お店も満員で大変活気がありました。面白かった!呼んでくださった原田俊太郎さん、聴きに来てくださったお客様、ありがとうございました!
I was played with wonderful drummer, Mr. Shuntaro Harada band at Kananai " Bar Bar Bar" in kanagawa. Before the session, I was listening the talk between Mr. Harada and the owner of the jazz club about the jazz scene at the time when many dance halls with big band was still existed and jazz session was really hot everywhere, every night. It was so interesting to listen it, like a studying the jazz history in Yokohama.By the way, there was a summer festival in kannai, so the club was really packed. Thank you for coming!!!

-junior high school students
I was talking with a junior high school students who played with at the musical event for Down's syndrome children, and she said to me she was came from 2 dimensional world......mmmmm....2 dimension!! It means "the animation", she said. Anyway, It was interesting to see the children.


今週土曜!/ This Saturday!

It has been cool in these 2 or 3 days in Tokyo... By the way, I'm enjoying the summer, seeing the huge rainbow, watching the fireworks and writing a songs!

今週土曜、ドラムの原田俊太郎さんのバンドで横浜Bar Bar Barでの演奏があります。初めて演奏する音楽の方々ばかりで、そしてBar Bar Barでの初めての演奏なのですごくわくわくしています。お時間がある方は是非遊びにきてください!!
I'll play with the band leaded by drums player Mr. Shuntaro Harada at Bar Bar Bar, Yokohama on this Saturday. It was very first time to play with Mr. Harada and other misicians, so I'm excited about it. Please come to join us!

「俊太郎バンド With 佐々木朝美」 AT 「横浜バーバーバー」

メンバー:Miya(Fl)、Momo(Pf)、平石カツミ(B)、原田俊太郎(Ds)、佐々木朝美 (Vo)

神奈川県横浜市中区相生町1-25 若葉運輸ビル1・2F
TEL045-662-0493 FAX045-662-4470

ライブスタート:19:30〜 3回ステージ 





ありがとうございました!/Thank you!

7/10(Fri.)、Miya×Momo presents "美学のぉと"vol.2 ~Oto-Color~ いろ・おと・つながる"、楽しかった!!遊びにきてくださった方々、ありがとうございました。いつも心が新しく、本当に自由自在に色を奏でる、素晴らしいフルート奏者、そして作曲家のMiyaさんと一緒に絵を映像をつくってゆくような演奏は本当に楽しく、そして聴きにきてくださった方の暖かいオーラもすごく感じて、幸せでした。ビルマのこどもたちへ、とMiyaさんがプログラムにコメントを寄せた"こどものうた"では、ダンサーの児玉麗奈さんが飛び入りで踊ってくださって、その幸せで美しい存在に圧倒されました。音の妖精のよう。写真は演奏後に麗奈さんと撮ったものです。
児玉麗奈さんofficial site; http://www.rena-k.jp/

Thank you for coming to "Bigaku-note Vol.2 ~Iro・Oto・Tsunagaru(Color, Sound, connecting)" on last Friday, 10th July. I was so happy to play with such a wonderful flute player and great composer, Ms. Miya. I always feel her music is really free from
the gravity of this planet, and she can draw any pictures with her magnificent sound. There was a surprising guest as well on that night! A great dancer, Ms. Rena Kojima joined to a song called "Children's chant" by Miya which she commented "dedicate to the Burmese children" in the program. I was overwhelmed by Ms. Rena Kodama's powerful and happy aura. The photo above was taken after the gig with Ms. Rena Kodama and Ms. Miya.
Ms. Rena Kodama's official site; http://www.rena-k.jp/

The gig was also my birthday gig...and....CAKE with PIANO:) Thank you so much!!!!! A chocolate piano....!!
I always appreciate the people who is supporting me in a variety of ways. I'll be really happy if the people who listen to my music will get some, at least a little, strength and richness of their spirit, and it will brighten up their days. I'll keep on making efforts for it. Thank you so much.


full moon.

It was beautiful full moon last night. I felt that the air was saturated with powerful, rich and peaceful "chi" of the moon.


Miya×Momo presents "Bigaku-note" vol.2

だんだん夏らしく暑くなったきていますが、みなさんお元気でお過ごしでしょうか?今週の金曜、すばらしいフルート奏者、作曲家であるMiyaさんとのduo企画、Miya×Momo presents "美学のぉと" の第2弾の演奏があります。今回は”Oto・Color 〜いろ・おと・つながる〜”と題して、色にまつわる二人のオリジナルをスタンダードも交えてお送りします。そして、私の誕生日ライブでもあります。お時間がある方は是非遊びにきてください!

It's getting hot like "real" summer... I hope this message finds you all well.
I have duo gig with wonderful flute palyer nad composer, Ms. Miya on this Friday, 10th, July at coffee bigaku, Gakugei-daigaku station, Tokyo. This will be the 2nd concerts of the series called " Bigaku-note", and theme for this time is "Oto-Color", which has tow meanings, "from the sound" and "sound color". We will play our original pieces which connect to the colors as well as jazz standard tunes. This gig is also my birthday gig:) So, please come to join us!

7月10日(金)/ Fri. 10th July
Miya×Momo presents 美学のぉとVol.2≪Birthday Live!≫
”Oto・Color 〜いろ・おと・つながる〜”
at 学芸大学/珈琲美学 Coffee bigaku /Gakugei-daigaku st. Toyoko-line
tel; 03-3710-1695

Miya / Flute × Momo / piano

 Open 18:30 1st 20:00〜 2nd 21:30〜
 MC ¥2500+飲食(2Drinks)
 ご予約、お問い合わせ  03-3710-1695

Miya(flute) http://www.miya-music.com/