noni juice

I was drinking noni juice in this few days, with lemon, ginger syrup and water. I can't drink without theses yet because of the specific taste of it. I can't describe it, even I don't know I like or not...But it is very good for metabolism I heard, so I try. Mysterious taste....
The photo below is traditional boiled small fish with sweet soy sauce taste, especially popular among the people in the west area of Japan. My friend gave me. I like it very much.




It was like a summer day. I went to yoga class in the morning and I walked around outside all the afternoon, so I felt bit dizzy because my body are not ready for these summer-like temperature. I need some workout for coming summer, I think.

When I'm confused, I often read Dalai Lama's book. There's a video which he speaks to the tourists who visit Dharamsala, india. I was bit surprised how he speaks, he was very cheerful and laughed a lot during his talk, not solemn even the talks itself is very serious, has good sense of humor. I understood the one of the reason why his words reaches and moved so many people all over the world from the way he talks. His words are simple and easy to follow but very difficult to do in our daily life. It need practice and discipline, and the ability of showing love and compassion to others improves little by little even one always remembers and keep practicing. It's exactly like a music, practice everyday, and can go forward step by step. Only each steps I made by myself lead to the goal, countless goal will be appeared though, which I dreamed.





not one more

カリフォルニアの銃乱射事件、被害者のお父さんの会見を見た。Sandy Hookの事件もまだ記憶に新しい。アメリカは変わってゆくんだろうか。アスペルガー症候群や自閉症の方への偏見や差別につながらない事を切に願いつつ、犠牲になられた方々のご冥福をお祈り致します。BBC news
I felt strong sympathy with him. One of the victim's father spoke about the California shooting. (BBC news) I understand the problems are not so simple but his words are so simple, strong and touching. I respectfully offer my condolences to the victims and hopefully it will never happen again. Also I really hope it won't connect to any discrimination against Asperger's syndrome.



Beautiful lemon:) There is an organic vegetable shop near my house and they sell a no-waxed Japanese lemons. I love it.
When I turned on the car radio few hours ago, I heard music which I really like. It was Mr. Mieczysław Weinberg's 10th symphony. I didn't know him till now but his music touched my heart. I'm so interested in his life and music now.


アメリカ・アメリカ/ America America

One of my favorite song-writer, Mr. Hikaru Hayashi's composition called "America America" is a type of music that I've never try. Ms. Yoshikawa, soprano singer, brought the score to play for the concert in this summer. Few days ago she gave me the recording as well which Mr. Hayashi accompanied by himself for Ms. Yoshi Ito. I didn't catch the clear vision of the song and world of the lyric, which is very fantasy-like,  yet, but I fell in love this song immediately and it's fun to get into it. I wish I could have a chance to ask about the song to Mr. Makoto Sato who wrote the lyric.



帰ってから久しぶりにルイ・アームストロングさんの録音を聴いた。ついこの間亡くなられたJoe Wilderさんのインタビューの中でLouis Armstrongさんの事を"the highest"とおっしゃっていた。ウジウジ考えてるのが嫌になるくらい突き抜けた音楽だなあ、といつも思う。心が弾んで、楽しい。

I picked Japanese-pepper grain from the branch, one by one, by hand. I will pickle them with salt. It's one of the significant spring taste in Japan, I like it very much.  The photo is the grains of it.

I went to yoga in this morning. I didn't practice for a while, so I felt stiff especially in my back but it always works well for me. After the class I could felt some space in my body and it helped me to breath deeply.

In the evening, there was a concert conducted by trombone player, Mr. Osamu Matsumoto. It was his new band's debut concert. The club was packed with the audience. It was wonderful concert, more "the show" than usual jazz concert. The arrangement of the songs are also great. I respect Mr. Matsumoto a lot. He has a sense of balance between the art and the entertainment, and I think that's the way how he survive in his long career.

The concert reminds me Mr. Louis Armstrong's music although their musical direction is very different. Mr. Joe Wilder who passed away recently told about him in a interviews(African American Legends), and he answered "Louis is the highest" when he was asked who was his favorite player. He's the not only one who said that, his music is really loved by many professional musicians, not only by the audiences. Mr. Armstrong's music has some kind of core of the music which make everyone smile and can share with.






Beautiful day...! So grateful to be in this world when I meet a day like today, I feel tranquility inside of me. I had a student yesterday. The opportunity of teaching actually teach me a lot of things every time, and I studied a lot, maybe more than the student.
It's so fortunate to have chance to study, If I want to study, I have a hundreds choices. I should not forget how fortunate it is.
I should work on the arrangement of my song today. I see some pieces of  the picture of the song but not a whole one...I hope I can find it soon.



It's windy, nice day, I can't find any clouds in the sky, not a slightest hint of it. I'll have some students in the afternoon.



 Thank you for coming to listen my solo piano concert at Mori-no-terasu. Some of the guest brought some sweets, so we all shared them. It was like a small tea party and I enjoyed a lot.  Next concert will be 20th, June.


I bought several lovely shaku-yaku flower, paeoniae radix at the flower shop nearby. It's one of my favorite flower.

I had a lesson in Machida today. While I was talking to the student,  I was desperately looking for a "right" words to be able to reach to their heart directly, but it doesn't go well most of the time. Probably I need more empathy to be able to do it. It's long way to go but I wish I could find the way someday and hopefully I could touch their core of the heart which create their music itself.



鬼太郎と目玉の親父がいました。調布駅。いまだになんで目玉がお父さんなのかわからない。すごい想像力。I found "Kitaro", Japanese famous yokai(monster) manga character near Chofu station. He holds his father(!) shaped like an eye ball. Such an imagination....

I will play solo piano at Mori-no-terasu, Senagawa(keio line) on Friday, 16th. Please come to listen! Here's a detail.









近所の公園で。グングンのびている。At the park near my house, they're growing so fast.


It's so beautiful day with fresh greens everywhere. I love these season in Japan so much, it's short but fresh and gorgeous.






I've just bought Engish-English dictionary, a real paper one, not a digital one. But actuary it connected to the on-line dictionary and I can access it with number which was written on the first page. It's convenient, but I realize I prefer the heavy paper one because I can see the other pages and other words in the same page through searching. It's fun, even more than I expect.

Today, I have to re-write my score to be readable to the other people, now it's like an ancient text...

I'm reading Mr. Takemitsu's book called "Confronting Silence". While reading his text, I felt something same from his music. His philosophy for music and world itself is so interesting and inspiring. Sometime I agree and sometime not, but I both enjoy a lot.



"Colera for sale in NY"の動画、面白い試みだなと思いました。街行く人が気軽に寄付できる形として。
It was first time to eat dragon fruit. the shape and the colors are so cute. It made me imagine the view of the asian countries where I've never been.  I would like to visit those countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thai land and so on..
I found the video of "Cholera for sales in NY" on FB, was interesting project. I aware that the fact that I can get tap water everyday easily was really fortunate and I should be grateful for it.
I'm still doing my arrangement....to much notes..should be more simple and strong.



I've arranged several my songs for sop., gt., and pn. for the concert in Aug. The photo is my guitar which my uncle who passed away few years ago left me as a remembrance. It sounds so nice, handmade good one, and it reminds me him and somehow warms my heart. But right now I'm just work out that my voicing in my head suite for the guitar or not, difficult but so much fun.






今朝のJapan timesに載っていた記事が心に残った。美しいひとという映画に関連して。 特に最後の部分。戦争に繋がるこもしれない事柄が変えられかねないようなニュースが飛び交う中、すごく重く感じました。そして邦題も"Beautty Within"という英語タイトルも素敵だなと思いました。見てみたい。





Ellingtonの"...and his mother called him Bill"を聴いている。渋谷さんのオーケストラを聴きに行くとアンコールのlotus blossomでいつもこのアルバムが聴きたくなるのです。