guitar quartet!!

今日、桐朋学園芸術大学のギター科の発表会を聴きに行ってきました。普段あまり聴かないギターカルテット、そして若いクラシックギタリストの皆さんの熱気がかんじられてすごくたのしかったです。夏にギターカルテットのために書いた"Kind of Red"の初演も聴いてきました。初めて書いたギターカルテット。いろいろ改善の余地はあったけれど、楽しく聴けました。演奏してくださった桐朋のギター科の皆様、そして曲をかくきっかけをくださった佐藤先生、ありがとうございました。頑張ろう!!
I went to listen the concert of classical guitar ensemble of Toho music university. Usually, I don't have chance to listen classical guitar so much, and I felt the power, love and passion for the music from the young students, so I enjoyed the concert a lot. They played my piece for the guitar quartet, called "kind of red" as premier. There are some places for improvement but I enjoyed it pretty much. I appreciate the members of the ensemble and Mr. Norio Sato who gave the opportunity for writing the song. Thanks a lot.



It was really great day! The sky was sooooo high...It makes me want to go to walk in the mountain. Now, it's best season to walk around in the mountain. I might be try the go to mountain in the Kanto area.

今日は11/4に高田馬場、"sunny side"でのMomo×寺屋 ナオさんのduoに Special guestでドラムの大井 澄東さん、という演奏のリハーサルをしてきました。面白かった!!!私の曲がポップになったり、攻撃的になったり、すごく立体的になって私もびっくりしました。きっと面白い!是非、遊びにきてください。写真はリハで使わせて頂いた、ジャズクラブ、jazz in blueです。かっこいいお店でした。
I'll play with wonderful guitar player, Mr. Nao Teraya and great drums player who plays with Mr. Teraya in his trio, Mr. Sumito Oi on Wed., 4th, Nov. We just did rehearsal today. It was so interesting to see how the songs tranformed into this trio shape. Mr. Oi makes music more 3D like, I felt. I'm looking forward it. Please come to join us.

Momo×寺屋 ナオ duo/ Special guest 大井 澄東 on drums
at Sunny Side / 高田馬場  http://www.sunny-side.jp/

Momo on piano
寺屋 ナオ on guitar
大井 澄東 on drums  http://yaplog.jp/sumitty/ 

music charge ¥2,500
19:30~22:30 2sets

そして、次の日、11/5はいろいろなところで大活躍の素晴らしいヴァイオリニスト、会田桃子さんとの演奏があります。全く傾向の違う2days. 是非目撃して下さい!
And, I'll play with wonderful and beautiful violin player, Ms. Momoko Aida Thur., 5th, Nov. I'll play really different types of music in thses 2 days, so please check it out!

11/5 (Thur.)
Momo on piano
会田 桃子 on violin  http://www.aida-momoko.jp/
Duo! at 大泉学園 in F
8:00 start ¥2,500+order

タンゴバンド、クアトロシエントスなどいろいろなバンドで大活躍の会田桃子さんとのduoです。一度string quartetとのライブで一緒に演奏をしてから、一緒にやりたいなーと思っていたので、すごく嬉しい初duoです。歌も素晴らしい会田さん。いろいろ企画を考えています







The gig on last Saturday with my former teacher, Ms. Maki Hachiya and a wonderful bass player, Mr. Hiroshi Yoshino at Koendori classics, Shibuya was something very special for me. I was so free in the music at that night. Only thing that I had to was being myself. Their music was so powerful but it was with huge love, so I didn't feel any fear at all and could do anything what I wanted to. I felt their deep passion for music and people in these 2 days including rehearsal day before the gig. I appreciate Ms. Hachiya, Mr. Yoshino and the audience who came to listen even it was raining and the staff of the club from bottom of my heart. Thanks!!

The Photo was taken after the gig with splendid soprano singer, Ms. Masumi Yoshikawa. And, about one with ostrich, we were just having fun after the gig outside of the club:)

On saturday, I visited recorder player, Mr. Toshiya Suzuki to ask some, honestly "many", questions about the recorder. When I herad his playing, I was just stunned and my thinking stopped completely once. Wow! He explained me about the technique that he figured out ney well. It was so helpful! I appreciate it a lot.

It was so inspiring to meet such a great people who kept going forward.



ドラムのマイク・レズニコフさんのトリオを聴きに西荻窪、アケタの店にいってきました。いろいろなゲストもあり、私も"Heart of my heart"というすごく素敵な曲に飛び入りさせてもらいました。楽しかった!!!ピアノも素敵なよく鳴るdiapasonで、なんか仲良くなれた気がする。マイクさんやメンバーの吉野さん、竹内直さん、そしてお店の方に感謝です。
I'll play with my former teacher and mentor, Ms. Maki Hachiya and wonderful bass player, Mr. Hiroshi Yoshino today at Koendori classics, Shibuya, Tokyo.
We did rehearsal yesterday and I was thinking how I'm lucky to have chance to play with them. I felt they really love the music from the bottom of their heart from each note of them. Wow!

Please come to listen!

at 公園道りクラシックス  http://www.radio-zipangu.com/koendori/
Momo on piano
蜂谷 真紀 voice ; http://hookchew.com/
吉野 弘志 bass ; http://www.rinsen.co.jp/index.html

18:30 open/ 19:00 start ¥3,000 with 1 drink



友人に勧められていた本をやっと読み始めました。最初だけだけれどおもしろい。ゆっくり読もうと思います。なんだかjoe Hendersonが聴きたくなる出だしでした。Ellingtonの曲ばかり演奏しているアルバム。すごく好きです。
I just started reading the book of Mr. Italo Calvino which my friend suggested me about a year ago...It seems unique book from the first chapter that I've just read. Fun!




秋晴れ!/ soft sunshine.

うーん、いい天気。秋は大好きな季節。日本っていいなーーーと心から思います。It's clear and beautiful day in autumn. Ahhhh--!

今週末、10月24日(土)私の師匠、voiveの蜂谷 真紀さんと、大好きな素晴らしいベーシスト吉野 弘志とのコンサートが、渋谷公園通りクラシックスであります。私の曲を中心ですが、作曲家としても本当に素晴らしい蜂谷 真紀さんの曲も何曲か演奏する予定です。音楽と絵や景色が繋がる、という曲の書き方は、私は蜂谷さんにとても影響を受けているので、一緒に演奏できるのは感慨深いです。本当に自由なお二人と共に自由な音の世界をお届けできたらと思っています。私も楽しみにしているので、皆さん是非聴きに来てください。
I'll play with wonderful voice perfomer and composer, Ms. Maki Hachiya and great bass player Mr. Hiroshi Yoshino on saturday , 24th, Oct., this weekend. We'll play my original songs and Ms. Hachiya's songs as well. I learned how to draw the picture with sound in the composition from Ms. Hachiya's songs when I learned with her, so it's great pleasure to play her songs with her and her long time music fellow, Mr. Yoshino. I'm really looking forward it!

at 公園道りクラシックス  http://www.radio-zipangu.com/koendori/
Momo on piano
蜂谷 真紀 voice ; http://hookchew.com/
吉野 弘志 bass ; http://www.rinsen.co.jp/index.html

18:30 open/ 19:00 start ¥3,000 with 1 drink



Happy birthday dear Ms. Miya!

10/16(金) Miya×Momo presents "美学のぉと vol.3" 、今回はMiyaさんの誕生日ライブ。本当におめでとう!!この1年がMiyaさんにとってより一層、素晴らしい年でありますよう心から祈っています!!みなさんの祝福の空気に満ちている場で演奏できてとてもうれしかったです。本当にMiyaさんはみんなに愛されているなー、と感じました。 素晴しい。



Thank you for coming to "Bigaku-note vol.3 -Autumn color, moon sound-" on last Friday at coffe bigaku, Gakugei Daigaku.
It was Ms. Miya's birthday gig!! I wish her coming year will be rich and happy one for her. Happy birthday!!!

The cake, the photo above, was called 'burdock root chocola", chocolate cake with burdock. I was surprised the burdock taset blended into the chocolate cake very well. Nice:)

Next "Bigaku-note" will be on April, 2010. I'll write more about it later.


Today!! Miya×Momo presents "Bigaku-note" vol.3

今日は、素晴らしいフルート奏者のMiyaさんとのduo。3回目になる、"美学のぉと"です。今回のテーマは "秋のいろ 月のおと"。
Ther 3rd concerts of the series called " Bigaku note" at coffe-Bigaku, gakugeidaigaku, with wonderful flute player. Ms. Miya.
This time's theme is " Autumn color, moon sound". the autumn in Japan is really beautiful with colored leaves, clear and high sky, singing of insects, etc. We hope we can bring those beauty of this season into our music. We'll play our originals as well as arranged songs. And!! It will be Miya's birthday concerts as well!!! Please come to join us to celebrate her birthday!

Miya×Momo presents "美学のぉと vol.3" -Miya Birthday gig-
"秋のいろ 月のおと/ Autumn color, moon sound"

学芸大学 珈琲美学 http://www11.ocn.ne.jp/~bigaku25/
Miya on flute http://miya-music.com/
Momo on piano

20:00 start / music charge ¥2,500+御飲食代(2 drinks以上)



It was really clear and nice day and in the night, we could see the Orion's belt clearly.

今週の木曜、高田の馬場”Sunny Side”で8日に寺屋ナオさんのギタートリオを聴いてきました。以前きいた時よりものすごく進化していて、かっこよかった!!!トリオってこんなに一人一人が独立して会話できるんだなー。jazzってやっぱりオモシロイ。私も何曲か仲間にいれてもらいました。楽しかった!このトリオのドラム、大井澄東さんをゲストに迎えて、Momo×寺屋ナオ duo+が11/4、同じ場所' Sunny Side"であります。いろいろ起こりそうで楽しみです!!上の写真はトリオのメンバー、演奏終了後です。
この日は動画が満載のジャズの情報サイト"You Play JAZZ?"の新しくできる携帯サイト!のための撮影もはいっていました。画像がアップされたらまた情報を載せたいと思います。私の曲、"やさしいワニ"のカルテットversionも聴けます!是非チェックしてみてください。http://www.youplay-jazz.com/
I went to listen a wonderful guitar player, Mr. Nao Teraya's trio last Thursday. Last time I listened the same band was zeveral month ago, and I was amazed that the band went far beyond what I remembered. Wow! I'll play with Mr. Teraya and the drums player on this trio, Mr. Sumito Oi, on 4th, Nov., at the same place, "Sunny Side" . I'm looking forward it!
On this gig, the japanese jazz site, "You Play JAZZ" was taking video of the playing for their up-coming mobile site. I'll update the info when they'll out the video on the site(The site is in Japanese, but you can see a lot of movies in it!).

先月、9月に北陸に演奏しに行った際に出演させて頂いた、富山初のvocal group'"grava"さんがホストの"グラジオ”。富山の歌姫、Tomoさんの軽快なMCにすっかり安心してリラックスして話しています。gravaの公式ページから聴く事ができるので、是非チェックしてみてください。私の曲、やさしいワニ、や、三時半にぐるぐる、RED、そしてその時よく聴いていたガムランなど音楽いっぱいです。
I appeared the radio program in Toyama at last month and you can listen by internet from vocal group from Toyama called "grava". It's in japanese but you can listen my songs. so please check this out.

今週木曜、10/16、学芸大学、珈琲美学で素晴らしいフルート奏者、そして作曲家のMiyaさんとの"Miya×Momo" duoの演奏があります。シリーズも第三弾、そして今回はMiyaさんのBirthday live!!!! 是非皆さん遊びにいてください!今回もオリジナル中心に秋らしくお届けします。
I'll play with wonderful flute player Ms. Miya on Thursday, 16th, Oct. this week at Caffe-bigaku, at Gakugeidaigaku, Toyoko
line. It'll be Ms. Miya's birthday gig as well, so please come to join to celebrate her birthday!!

I'll play with wonderful voice performer, vocalist and also my former teacher and important mentor, Ms. Maki Hachiya and great bass player, Mr. Hiroshi Yoshino on Saturday, 24th. Oct, next week at Koendori-classics, Shibuya. I'm really looking forward it!! Please come to listen.



Lately, I listened recorder music often and I found out there were so many wonderful modern music for the recorder.